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Computer Hardware & Software

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Servicing, Repair & More...

Computer Servicing

Providing quality and professional support services to for your computer equipment.

Laptop Repairs

We repair and service laptops as well. Performing computer system diagnosis.


Install, format, re-install and re-format your computing systems and fine tune your desktop.

Johor Bahru Computer Servicing Shop

We buy, sell, repair and service Windows and Linux desktops, laptops and servers.
Drop by our shop or use our contact form for further information.

All Your Digital Needs

Looking for your next computing equipment?

  • Quality Service
  • Good Aftersales Support
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Value for Money Products & Services

We provide customization services as well!

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About Us

Xoops Computer System provides a wide range of computing services, system setups in Danga City Mall, Johor Bahru.

Our years of experience has enabled top notch quality servicing and support for our clients.

Expect value for money services with knowledgeable staff in solving all your I.T. needs.

We partner with some of the best industry’s I.T. partners in providing a complete solution for our clients.

Drop by our storefront at Danga City Mall anytime for professional computing services.

  • Professional Support

    With years of experience as I.T. solution provider in Johor.

  • Knowledgeable Staffs

    Computer installation, troubleshooting, setup and configuration services.

  • On-Site Services

    We offer on-site support services for a fee instead of bringing your equipment to our storefront.

  • Solution Sourcing

    Have a customized need? Contact us directly so we can link you up with the right solution provider.

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